Much has been written about how to successfully manage commercial businesses, but the literature on managing cultural organizations is comparatively scarce. In this unique book, Giep Hagoort draws on more than fifteen years experience at the Utrecht School of the Arts to help students, teachers, artists, and managers apply management theory to the creation of successful cultural institutions. Utilizing case histories and practical exercises, this book teaches skills for building effective institutions of cultural production and preservation.


Creative Industries, Colourful Fabric in Multiple Dimensions,

edited by Giep Hagoort and Rene Kooyman, 2009

In recent decades, a new academic field has emerged in the United States and across Europe that links two previously unrelated disciplines: art and economics. Editors Giep Hagoort and Rene Kooyman have collected in this volume several articles from their colleagues in the Faculty of Art and Economics at the Utrecht School of the Arts that set out the parameters of the field and explain their current research and the impact that these innovations will have on the future of this relatively young area of inquiry. Creative Industries will be essential reading for anyone interested in joining academic dialogues concerned with creative and cultural entrepreneurship, cultural management, creative industries, and creative processes.

Giep Hagoort is professor of art and economics at Utrecht University and the Utrecht School of the Arts and the author of Art Management: Entrepreneurial Style, also published by Eburon Publishers, Delft. Rene Kooyman is a publicist and a researcher at the Utrecht School of the Arts.